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How I discovered (and why I stayed)


I can’t remember how I found, but I became a member in 2006, although it seems much longer than that. I say this because it’s been such a fixture in my life that I can’t imagine what I would do without it. Long before I joined Facebook or MySpace, I discovered within a social network that is very similar to any of those we have today.

I remember my first rating. It was for Salmon and Swiss Chard Quiche (more like a frittata, really, since it was crustless). It made nice use of some leftover salmon I had. I LOVE salmon AND frittatas – what a wonderful combination! After putting that review up, I noticed that others had rated my review as helpful. It’s not like I needed validation, but it was nice to see that others felt my opinion was worthwhile. No one likes to think that his or her opinion doesn’t count, you know?

I added a photo to a formerly faceless recipe for the first time in 2008: Elegant Zucchini and Tomatoes. At the time, I didn’t have the best camera, but at least it put a “face” to the recipe. Someone has since put a much nicer photo on it.

Those little actions seemed to encourage me to continue interacting with the website. After that, many more reviews and photos have ensued. I’ve made friends and learned so many new things.

Some months after I joined Allrecipes, a co-worker at the company we worked for left to work for Allrecipes. Man, was I jealous! I didn’t have enough confidence in my skills at the time to try to gain employment there (it was Allrecipes!), but in retrospect, I wish I had. Not long after that I had decided to leave WA (not necessarily a mistake, but suffice to say that I miss Seattle desperately). Perhaps if I had gotten a job there, I might still be in Seattle today. Ah, hindsight is 20-20, isn’t it?

To those who think that ratings don’t count, you should try Honest and fair ratings by people who have already used the recipes provide vital insight for cooks who have not used it before. I can tell you that ratings with details on how they changed or would have changes a recipe influences not only whether I will try a given recipe, but what strategies, substitutions or other tactics might work just as well or better.

I did well with a regular membership, but wondered if I could make use of the features that a Supporting Membership added. That question was answered for me in December of 2011, when a friend recommended that I try out to be an Allrecipes Allstar. I was thrilled when I was chosen to join the somewhat small group of folks who love cooking and represent! With that, I got a free Supporting Membership. I won’t go into the benefits here, but let’s just say that if I had to pay for it, I would! Don’t tell anyone, though! 😉

These last six years as an Allrecipes member have been enlightening, validating, enriching and lots of fun! If you haven’t joined Allrecipes yet, I heartily recommend that you at least sign up for the free membership. I think you’ll discover what I did and make your go-to place for creative cooking.



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