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Mission: Incomprehensible?

Heart shape made from spicesFebruary is the month for lovers, it is said. February also marks my second month of being an Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador—a position that I embrace enthusiastically. After the assignments of January were checked off, I eagerly awaited February’s assignments with anticipation. The emails I receive from Allrecipes have a set of rules attached, so that when they come in, they show up front and center in my inbox.

I excitedly opened the email, and quickly scanned it to see what wonders it contained. At the top was the big and friendly Allrecipes Allstars logo, with a greeting below. As I quickly read the message, I noticed below another logo—for Fiber One®. My eyes stopped dead in their tracks. I cautiously continued, skepticism seeping into my brain. My first assignment involves the making of a recipe provided by Fiber One®–this one, to be exact. Okay—I can handle that. My second assignment is creating my own recipe using Fiber One® original bran cereal.

Whoa—not so sure about that one.

The good folks at Allrecipes and Fiber One® have kindly sent me two big 16.2 oz boxes of the cereal. This stuff isn’t cheap kiddie cereal, in case anyone has noticed. I priced it at around $4.50 a box at the local grocery store. (Tangent: I have a thing about buying good quality cereal as cheaply as possible. I mean it’s grain, for goshsakes! I will not buy any cereal when it’s at full price. Once it goes on sale, I will buy to my heart’s content—a recent experience will be another story for another time). So, I was very pleased to see two boxes arrive at my door today, gratis. I’ve never eaten Fiber One® original bran cereal, or ever in my life had anything that was even close to the 14 grams of fiber per serving this stuff has outside of fiber supplements.

The average American gets less than half of the fiber as he or she should. A diet high in fiber helps to manage one’s weight, normalizes the lower GI tract, lowers blood cholesterol and helps to regulate blood sugar. Fiber is a good thing. But, how can we get more in our bodies in a way that tastes great? Ah—that’s the challenge!

So, here I sit wondering what the heck I can make with Fiber One® original bran cereal. I’m told it can be anything from a dessert to an entrée and I can process the cereal in any way I want. I’m reaching out to you, dear readers, to help me devise a recipe in which I can use Fiber One® original bran cereal. Please use the comments form to send your ideas. Once I have an idea, I will create a recipe, then post it here, giving credit to the individual (or individuals) who gave me the inspiration.

Thanks, all! And remember: February is for hearts; fiber is for hearts, too. And healthy colons and blood sugar, and… well, I tried!


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